10 Things You Can Do On Giants’ Off-Days

The Giants are on the second off-day of the season, and are heading to Kansas City for a two-game set against the Royals. Some people act like their whole life is ruined on an off-day, while others manage to find ways to pass the time. This is a list I have compiled together of things so unrelated, you might think I have a lot of time on my hands…and you’d be right. As per usual, this list is in no particular order!

1) Read a Book

I’m the last person who should ever encourage someone to read, considering the last thing I read was a book for my capstone college course. However, taking your eyes away from a bright screen can be a good thing. Of course, as I say this, you’re probably looking a bright screen. If you need a recommendation for a book though, may I suggest the Wine Bible? You might not be the religious type, but you’ve likely had a glass of wine before.

2) Find an Instagram account for someone’s puppy or kitten…or even someone’s pet pig

Go look up Esther the Wonder Pig right now if you think I’m joking about the pig part. Anyone’s day can be brightened by looking at animals doing funny things, and even “normal” pet things.

3) Take a hike!

But seriously, if you live in the Bay Area, you know that we have such beautiful landscapes that are meant to be explored. I know it’s not as good when it’s soggy outside, but you can save it for another off-day. Even if you’re not in the Bay Area, find a good hiking/walking/jogging spot and hang out with the fresh air people for a change!

4) Get #PiñaHype’d

If you want to know what #PiñaHype is, read this article posted last year by our own Audrey Bigelow: http://www.chinabasinchatter.com/whats-pinahype-2/

You too can immerse yourself in the world of Alexis and Hunter Cozombolidis!

5) Find a place (in town) that you haven’t been to and go there

No…I’m not saying you should find a random person’s house and go there, although that might be a cool social experiment…? Don’t call me to bail you out of jail though!

You could do something like find a cafe you’ve never been to, and order a coffee (or tea). Or perhaps going to a restaurant you’ve never been to and order yourself a nice dinner…your treat! Step out of your comfort zone, you might actually enjoy it. Plus, if all else fails, people watching can be a fun way to kill time!

6) Write a letter to your best friend…

Apart from calling them, there are other awkward/non-conventional methods of contacting your best friend. You might learn a thing or two about the US Postal Service…or maybe it will encourage you to talk to someone who actually knows what a postage stamp is. If you’re not good with words, try sending a postcard!

7) Clean your room!

I can see the dust all the way from here…

8) Find a new recipe for your favorite dish and attempt to cook it

When your smoke alarm goes off, that means the food is overdone! If you’ve reached that point, may I suggest referring to Option #5?

9) Watch another baseball game Catch up on your TV shows

Seriously, what was I thinking? My DVR is 70% full right now…or is it 30% empty? Either way, I have some catching up to do.

10) When none of these suggestions work, find a BuzzFeed article on how to kill time when you’re bored

You might end up killing more time trying to find things you wouldn’t do, even when you’re bored.