Giants Torture Report: Week Nine


29 May 2017: San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Hunter Strickland needs to be physically restrained to be removed from the field by teammates Hunter Pence (L) and George Kontos (R) after igniting a heated brawl with the Washington Nationals as a result of hitting Bryce Harper with a pitch during action in a Major League Baseball game against the Giants at AT&T Park in San Francisco, CA. The Nationals won 3-0. (Photograph by Daniel Gluskoter/Icon Sportswire) Daniel Gluskoter/Icon Sportswire

They say a picture is worth a thousands words. So with this week’s Torture Report we are going to play fast and loose with the rules of this column. The following is a visual heavy version of the:

Giants Torture Report: Week Nine

The Good

Remember this? (Because these are moving pictures, you may consider this clip roughly 100,000 words)

Feels like an eternity since the benches cleared for this tussle right? If you would like superb commentary on this see here, or here. I promise it is far better than anything I could offer to you.

Why is this good you ask? Because for a few minutes it showed there was some fight (pun fully intended) left in this team. It proved the pride is still there. If only it would have put an actual spark back in the play on the field. Sadly, it was not enough to catapult them to victory in the game, or the series.

The Bad

Giants Torture Report Week: Nine NL West Standing 060317

The Ugly

This tweet list goes on and on. Anyone who questions Buster Posey‘s loyalty to his pitchers or his team is flat out ugly. There I said it. I’m all for a spirited debate, but on this, you will be wrong. Like this guy.

Giants Torture Report: Week Nine Buster Posey

I lied a little, I did care. Not because he dropped the mic, but because people who know nothing about the Giants felt the need to weigh in on this issue.

Stat of the week: In Friday night’s 10-0 win over Philadelphia, the Giants loaded the bases in five out of the nine innings in the game.