Giants Torture Report: Week Seven

Well, the Giants may not have been able to sweep the hated Dodgers, but the Orange and Black did take two out of three to start the week off right. Not that anyone was counting (admit it, you were), but Tuesday’s victory capped off a season high five-game winning streak. A win streak that started with series against the Reds the week before. If you’re a fan of thrilling come from behind wins, extra innings, stout pitching, and bench clearing smack talking, this was the week for you.

Giants fans are all too familiar with torture. Each week in this report, we’ll break down what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and what needs fixing right now. Welcome to:

Giants Torture Report: Week Seven

The Good

The runs have returned everyone! After what can only be assumed as a tropical vacation to a far away island, points have come back to the scorecard. The bats woke up enough to allow 28 Giants to cross home plate this week, the highest weekly point total so far this season. What is most impressive is how it is getting accomplished. There has been some timely hitting, especially with runners in scoring position. It’s also helped that guys like Eduardo Nuñez have stepped up to contribute in positive ways. It was Nuñez with the clutch hit that put the Giants ahead in the ninth inning against the Cardinals Friday night. Not to mention, Denard Span is still fire and has not slowed down since his return.

Remember two weeks ago when I said there was no swagger left in the team? That is no longer the case. Along with the runs, the smiles have returned to the bench. With the smiles comes the confidence. With the confidence comes the wins. It’s a simple formula that is not all that simple to practice. The team is having fun for maybe the first time all season. Plus, a five-game winning streak goes a long way to building back up a struggling squad. It will be important to build off that throughout the rest of this road trip. The Giants will not see San Francisco again until late next week.

The Bad

Blame it on a euphoric high, or maybe a contact high, but there was not a lot to be mad at this week. Except of course allowing hated Dodger fans to take over an entire section of AT&T Park. Worse than that, letting them fly a massive pantone 294 flag in that section. Really, I get that no one can realistically do anything to stop them. It just got on my nerves that the camera kept choosing to acknowledge them time and time again. There was a bright spot to come out of it though. Those flag waiving pantones got to watch their team lose handily. Go ahead, bring the flag back next time. It’s good luck for San Francisco.

The Ugly

Can someone please tell Clayton Kershaw to leave the Giants alone? He doesn’t just have “ownage” of the Orange and Black, he has to own some serious shares to go along with it. Wednesday, Kershaw went seven strong scattering three hits, fanning five and issuing not a single base on balls. His win gave him seven for the season and 20 lifetime against the Giants. Not to mention the fact that he single-handedly ended the win streak. To be fair, Wednesday’s lineup was without the likes of Span and Brandon Crawford (he later made a plate appearance as a pinch hitter). Regardless, it’s hard to score when you only manage to put three runners on base, and leave them there. One can only hope that when next the Giants meet the hated Dodgers again in late July, the chamber is not loaded with a Clayton Kershaw bullet.

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