Giants Torture Report: Week Six

The Giants will be happy to see the Cincinnati Red Stockings walking away for the final time during the regular season. On Sunday, the home Reds held San Francisco scoreless to close out a three game sweep. At the week’s end, both teams locked horns at AT&T Park in a grueling 17 inning, 5 1/2 hour marathon. Buster Posey sent a cannon shot into the left field stands to exact a small measure of revenge and send everyone home happy. That momentum carried over to Saturday where the Giants won back-to-back games against the same team for the first time this season. Did the almost two full games of baseball played on that epic Orange Friday awaken the beast inside the hearts of the bay? Or, did it wear out an already weak and tired baseball team? That remains to be seen.

Giants fans are all too familiar with torture. Each week in this report, we’ll break down what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and what needs fixing right now. Welcome to:

Giants Torture Report: Week Six

The Good

Let’s not bury the lead here. Welcome back Denard Span and Brandon Crawford. It has been documented that without one of them, it is tough to win games. But, without both? It was close to impossible. Span has made an immediate made an impact with his bat collecting four hits in five at bats on Thursday. One of those left the park for his second home run of the season. Crawford on the other hand, has returned to his domain at short stop and the infield could not be happier. On Saturday, he made one spectacular play after another. All the while, he let Giants fans exhale from that two week breath they’d been holding. Defense has returned to normal, and if that aint good, nothing is.

The Bad

While there was much to celebrate these last seven days, what’s not to be celebrated is the number of L’s still accumulating on the loss column. The Giants now sit nine games back of the Colorado Rockies with a 14-24 record. Percentage wise, they are the worst team in baseball. With the two wins in two day, there is some momentum to be seized upon, but it needs to happen soon. Span and Crawford have inject life into the clubhouse, but more of the newcomers need to contribute if San Francisco hopes to be competing in September and October.

The Ugly

Traveling is a part of baseball, it’s just how it goes. That said, this week was one of those brutal trips that can flat wear a team down. Especially one that is struggling. Ohio to New York, then back to the West Coast in seven days is the epitome of torture. Not to mention having to face the Reds in two series after being taken to the mat by them in their house. When a team is having troubles, jet lag, hotels and long flights are not what the doctor orders. Luckily, next week is more home cooking as the four game series wraps up with Cincinnati. Then, the hated Dodgers visit AT&T to get smacked down start a three game set.

Stat of the week: The 17th inning walkoff home run by Buster Posey Friday night was the latest such in franchise history.