Injury updates: Span, Cain, Bumgarner

JUL 29 Nationals at Giants

July 29, 2016 – San Francisco Giants Center field Denard Span (2) [6483] reacts after being forced out at third base on a triple play by the Washington Nationals defense during a Major League Baseball game between the San Francisco Giants and Washington Nationals at AT&T Park in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Brian Murphy/Icon Sportswire) Brian Murphy/Icon Sportswire

The San Francisco Giants are finally getting some good news on the injury front. On the top of everyone’s mind is obviously Madison Bumgarner. According to Alex Pavlovic:

This is probably the best possible situation given the circumstances. Andrew Baggarly seemed pretty adamant that it would be unreasonable to expect him back before the All-Star break. I will probably end up disappointed but I will remain optimistic and assume Bum will be back not a minute later than the expected 2 months. Country strong will prevail right?

Next on everyone’s mind: Matt Cain. He has been absolutely incredible in his last 3 starts and he’s legitimately carrying the rotation right now just like the good old days. Don’t worry, the offense is acting like the good old days when he pitches too. Him and Denard Span both appear to me on the mend though with Cain expected to make his next start and Span potentially ready by Thursday according to Pavlovic.

The last update is regarding Brandon Crawford who’s heading out on bereavement leave and will miss Wednesday and Thursday’s game. The problem here is if they want a player to replace him, he has to be out for 3 days. Here’s what Henry Schulman had to say on the situation:

The Giants could chance it and hope Span comes back Thursday and only have to lose BCraw for 2 days but I’d guess that’s not likely and maybe not wise. Obviously a win tonight would go a long way towards making these decisions. Easy with Clayton Kershaw on the mound right? Honestly, if the Giants make it out of this 4 game series with a split given everything they are dealing with, I would consider that a massive success. Almost game time. As always, #BeatLA.

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