San Francisco Giants: All in the Family-Part II

All in the Family-Part II

Buster Posey, of the San Francisco Giants, is a bad teammate for not having Hunter Strickland’s back, Monday night. That was what the headline of a piece of twaddle penned by one Andrew Joseph, screamed Tuesday morning. Contained within the “article,” were several tweets from Neanderthalic fans, who lamented Posey’s stand-offish approach.

I could not possess a more different take on the subject if my very existence demanded it. For the second week in a row, I am compelled to point out the obvious: Buster runs the show. Not only does he control the reins of the team, he does it superbly.

Last week It was Brandon Belt in the spotlight, for failing to adhere to Buster’s program. I pointed out that as team leader, it was Posey’s job to keep the adolescent giraffe on a tight leash. This week, I find it necessary to point out that Hunter Strickland behaved immaturely, and Buster wasn’t having it.

I don’t think that intentionally throwing baseballs at batters, is OK. Yes, it happens all the time and there are times when it seems warranted. But the reality is that a 98-miles-an-hour hardball is a lethal weapon. If a pitcher is going to deliver this message to an opponent, he’d better be on solid ground.

MAY 29 Nationals at Giants

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – MAY 29: San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Hunter Strickland getting his desserts. (Photo by Daniel Gluskoter/Icon Sportswire) Daniel Gluskoter/Icon Sportswire

Did Bryce Harper commit the worst of offenses, and show Strickland up, somehow? You know, like a dazzling bat flip, or a pointing finger? Something that the whole stadium was privy to, and could get behind?

No, such was not the case. In fact, if anything, Harper demonstrated good sportsmanship himself, earlier in the game. In racing down the first base line, he had incidental contact with Matt Moore, as he crossed the bag. It was bang-bang play, with Belt taking a harder grounder and rifling a throw the speeding Moore.

As he zipped past Moore, Harper reached out a steadying hand, seemingly to help ensure that Moore did not end up on the ground. I was impressed. My take was the two competitive guys went at it head to head, and that the overriding concern was safety.

When Strickland pulled his little stunt out of his little cap, he took me by surprise. I think he took a stadium full of fans and teammates by surprise, also. Exacting revenge for two home runs hit off of him, in 2014? Could he possibly be serious? In a playoff series the Giants won?

That is so bush league as to defy comprehension. He has a World Series ring and Harper does not. ‘Nuff said.

In a game that the Giants trailed by only two runs, handing the Nats a baserunner was stupid. Bruce Bochy was not impressed; Buster Posey was not impressed; and I was not impressed. In fact I was disgusted.

Then to have Posey criticized by the same mentality that brought you number 45, is simply too much. If you are that excited about watching dudes brawl, tune into professional wrestling.

It’s fake, but so is Hunter Strickland, and his need for “revenge.”