SF Giants Power Ranking Report – Week 2

The Giants are 0-3 in MadBum starts, which has not helped their Power Rankings. (Photo by Kevin French/Icon Sportswire)

Just like taxes and death, Power Rankings have emerged as one of this country’s great certainties. Because categorical quantification in an ascending/descending order is part of what makes this country great.

Thus, two weeks into the baseball season, there are PR’s to attend to. Our Giants are not immune to this class system of hot take designation. So we’ve beat the bushes to give you a sampling of where the Giants stand in national and regional Week 2 Power Rankings.

Note, the media outlet is typed in bold, followed by the team’s current ranking. In parenthesis is the number either added or dropped from the previous ranking, and the outlet’s previous published team ranking.

Given the squad’s recent run of bad luck, injury and otherwise, it’s not surprising to see that the Giants have taken some dips in the ranks from the start of the season. Some shifting has been subtle, some precipitous.

Top Rankin’ in Week 2

NBC Sports: 13 (-7, 6) The Giants started NBC’s rankings in the top 6. Two weeks in they dropped seven spots. “A return to KC,” said writer Alex Pavlovic, “will either bring them some needed energy or expose more roster issues.”

Foxsports.com: 16 (+2, 18) A rare gain for the Giants, thanks to some bullpen highlights. “Reliever Hunter Strickland has yet to give up a run this season. He’s struck out seven in 5.2 innings this year. Is this the breakout?”

ESPN.com: 20 (-4, 16) Staffer Sara Langs writes, “Madison Bumgarner has thrown 21 innings this season and has struck out 10.3 batters per nine. He hasn’t given up more than three earned runs in any of his three starts. The Giants have scored a combined seven runs in those games, five of them in a blown-save loss on Opening Day. The Giants are 0-3 when Bumgarner pitches; last season, they went 20-14 in his starts.”

USA Today: 14 (-8, 6) USA Today’s baseball writers have the G-Unit free falling like Tom Petty. “Jeff Samardzija giving the Giants innings, but not results (6.16 ERA).”

MLB.com: 14 (-0, 14)

Bleacher Report: 15 (-4, 11)